Open Proxies

Open Proxies

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Open proxies such as SOCKS and HTTP are accessible through the Internet. To utilize open proxies, individuals must first set the browser’s proxy settings before using it.

An added advantage for using open proxies is that it matches most of the webpages and users can save time for they do not have to make amendments to the page you have requested to remain anonymous. Of course, there are also setbacks for using open proxies.

First of all, when hacker or attacker gains control of your computer, they have the opportunity to install a specific proxy server which is intended for future use should these hackers decide to launch attacks on your computers. Besides that, hackers often misused open proxies for pay-per-click fraud, credit card fraud and many other illegal activities. All in all, advises web surfers to stay away from open proxies if possible to protect online privacy. However, one can try Socksify.

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